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At DataCodix, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to create progress through technology and develop the skills of tomorrow. With assessments, learning paths and courses authored by industry experts.





Who are we?

The data explosion has been transforming every industry including education, marketing, healthcare, government, and the digital world. “Data Science”, a newly emerging field, is defined as an interdisciplinary field in which analytical processes are used to extract knowledge or insights from data. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the fields that data science is employed.

The field of data science is rapidly growing across a multitude of industries, in career opportunities, and has become an important field to informing their day-to-day decisions.

A crucial goal of school curricula, in general, is to prepare students for postsecondary education, gainful employment, and with the tools to solve real-life problems. Currently, practices and skills in traditional school content do not meet the skills required for the emerging data science era and career preps.

There are many reasons why data science and programming language are vital for career preps for the future. We are aware of many challenges on training new generations on cutting-edge tools, creating a source for schools, serving students and teachers as well as business communities for increasing preparation and access to data science fields.

DataCodix is a live and onsite education company and community aiming to prepare our next generation and spread awareness about data science and computer programming among middle school, high school students, teachers, and professionals who seek preparation and career guidance in data science-related fields. We believe our courses and paths help them develop their quantitative and digital skills that will prepare them for the foundation of emerging fields including Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Probability and Statistics, Computer Programming, Web Design, and Mobile App development.

Our local and global data science experts will bring this service to your feet. We are proud to launch this service for our future.

A leadership team with vision

The co-founders of DataCodix are the academicians in Rochester of New York, who study in the areas of statistics, data science, engineering, and computer programming with educational backgrounds who love advancing new generations. Our instructors are distinguished experts from higher education in data science and programming fields who have industry experience and best for the guidance to students for their career goals.

How we serve

We offer groups live and onsite courses and professional developments on Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Probability and Statistics, Computer Programming, Web Design, and Mobile App with effective technology and mentorship.

  • Education leaders, program directors, or teachers can reach us to set up group courses for their students or teachers. A group consists of at least five students/teachers/staff. Our experts discuss paths, courses, customizable contents, student background, and lesson time.
  • Online classes meet in small groups over live interactive video classes.
  • Onsite classes can be arranged in any classrooms institutions can offer with technology equipments 
  • A group may choose the course from the catalog, Introduction to Data Science, with R or Python, customizing the topics focusing more on data analytics and visualization skills in, say, 12 hours.
  • Most courses have various days and hour options. The one-day class is generally four-hour. Professional developments may vary.
  • After completing courses and paths successfully, students earn certificates. Review the course catalog for courses and paths in the next pages. 
  • Our lessons are group-based face-to-face online or onsite. Students are trained and engaged with real-world data issues using cutting-edge tools and hands-on projects through instant communication and live lessons created by our professionals.
  • Individuals can take classes through our open classes on our website. Frequently, some classes will be opened for these individuals who are not a part of groups.
  • All students have access to integrated educational resources. DataCodix will employ a mix of web-based and collaboration tools, open-source software, and live video conferencing -if remote- as to serve students in the most effective way.
  • Our industry-experienced instructors provide guidance for their long-term career goals.

Contact us to discuss courses, topics, and quotes:

Email: info@datacodix.com